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Everyone loves the rush of launching a new website. Visits and sales are up month after month but then your numbers drop off a cliff.

What happened? You changed nothing about your sales or your ads, yet your numbers are way down. Here are some of the most common reasons for a sudden drop in your digital performance.

You Set It And Forgot It

As we have discussed before, SEO and Digital Strategy aren’t a one-time fix. The best Digital Strategies for SEO, Web Traffic, or Online Advertising have one thing in common: They are flexible and can be tweaked depending on the data.

Your Website Is Getting Slower

A slow website can hurt your Google rankings and will lead to higher bounce rates and fewer sales. A slow-loading website is a top reason for 51% of abandoned online sales. Just a 1-second delay in page response time can lead to a 7% loss in sales and conversions. Even if your site loaded quickly when it was new, sites tend to slow down over time without maintenance due to more and more content posted to your site.

Your Market Changed But Your Ads Didn’t

Search Trends can change dramatically and seemingly without reason. In 2020, that has been proven again and again with drastic swings in search volumes and trends. Even effective ads should be tweaked and improved in response to changing events and search trends.

You Arent Tracking Your Analytics

Google Analytics excels at showing you whether your Digital strategy is effective, but it can also show you issues and trends before they become problems. For example, if you notice a prolonged increase in your bounce rate, then you should redesign that page and make sure that customers have a clear path from arrival to conversion.

Your Landing Pages Don’t Give Your Customers A Clear Path

Good website and landing page design are crucial to getting more leads, conversions, and sales. People do not like to hunt for the next step in doing business with you. Customers will not purchase or convert if your sales funnel is complicated or unclear.

The Most Common Landing Page Issues Are:

  • Weak Headlines
  • Lack of Clear Calls to Action
  • Multiple distinct Calls to Action
  • Bad Design
  • Crafting your copy without knowing what your ideal customer wants

An effective Digital Strategy is essential to the long term success of your company. Here at Walker360, we specialize in custom Digital Strategies for our customers and providing them with easy to understand reports so they know exactly where their customers are coming from, what needs to be improved on their website, and what is leading to the best ROI for their business. 
We specialized in helping our customers achieve massive and sustained growth with our custom Digital Strategies, PPC Advertising, Website Design, and Turn-Key Data and Analytics services. Reach out to improve your Digital Strategy Today!