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How You Can Improve Your SEO and Google Ranking Today:

1. Remove Everything That Is Slowing Your Site Down

  • A slow-loading website is costing you sales and hurting your Google Ranking.

  • Optimize your images and videos. Make your image file size smaller and keep the same quality by compressing your pictures on sites like

  • To find out what is slowing your site down, use a tool like

2. Set up Analytics and Search Console as soon as Possible

Google Analytics

Google Analytics allows you to see all traffic to your site. See what pages visitors go to, how long they spend, and what pages lead to the most sales or conversions. Armed with this info, you will be able to focus on your highest performing pages as well as mark low performing pages for improvement.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console allows you to view and track your Site Performance on Google Search.

Identify issues, analyze high performing content, and request removals of outdated and inaccurate content from Google Search.

3. Boost Your Web Pages with Internal Links

Make sure each page of your website has at least one link to another page on your site. This will not only help your search rankings but will also make it easier for visitors to find relevant information on your site.

4. Work To Get More External Sites to Link to your Site

The more external websites that have a link to your site. The higher your ranking will be. Here are two great ways to increase your number of external links.

  1. Do a quick check to make sure all of your social accounts have a link to your website. This is a quick and easy way to accumulate links that are often overlooked.


  2. Reach out to industry-specific bloggers and sites and ask if they would be willing to do a post about your company or to link back to your site.



SEO is a long term game, so the sooner you get started, the better your results will be. Using the steps above, you can build a good foundation to craft your SEO strategy on.

Whether you need help setting up your Analytics and Google Search Console, or you want to take your SEO game to the next level, We are here to help. To get started on improving your SEO, email me at [email protected].


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