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When you think about an Ad Agency, often time Mad Man images and fancy boardroom meetings come to mind. While that perception sounds extravagant, it’s not a realistic picture of what agencies look like today.

Marketing agencies are typically made up of a diverse team of creative thinkers, data reporters, designers, and web experts. Agencies are boots on the ground and should immerse themselves in your brand to be a key player in accomplishing your goals. Walker360’s sister company, Fifth Advertising, prides itself on being an essential asset for brands. Agencies provide a unique opportunity to pull from a broader perspective and diverse skill set. 

So when evaluating your company’s marketing needs, what route works best? In-house marketing or ad agency?

Consider the following when making marketing personnel decisions for your brand.


Onboarding new team members or hiring an agency both require an investment. While the initial cost of using an agency may seem higher, the full cost of hiring an employee should be accounted for. Technology needs, subscriptions, and training are just a few of the added expenses of adding an employee to the team. Working with an agency allows you to scale based on your needs or campaigns versus paying a full-time year-round salary.


Trusting your brand with an outside contractor always requires giving up some control. Clients aren’t typically involved with every step of the creative process and it requires some faith that an agency truly understands your brand. This can be an adjustment for decision-makers who are accustomed to having full control. An in-house marketing employee does allow for hands-on involvement. 

When evaluating what route to take, take a look at your typical day-to-day availability and level of need to play a role in the creative process. 


In-house marketing teams have an advantage in being in constant close proximity of the team that knows the brand inside and out, as well as data and sales information. There is an added element of gatekeeping and communication when working with an agency. On the flip side, agencies have access to tools, tech, and talent that brands can take advantage of.


Now more than ever it’s important to have a holistic multi-channel marketing strategy in today’s saturated market. Having a robust strategy often comes with a variety of specialties and disciplines. Depending on your goals or projects, your brand may need one individual to execute or potentially a team of specialists to make sure your projects perform at the highest level.

If you need a full-fledged team of professionals, consider the investment it will take to hire and train all parties involved. It may be more efficient to partner with an ad agency that already has these team members in place and the relationships with vendors for specific needs like videography and voice talent. These connections can save you the time and hassle it would typically take to vet vendors.

So, what’s your choice going to be? In-house marketing or ad agency?

Why not both?

The choice between an in-house team and an ad agency doesn’t have to be a battle. In fact, in our experience, a blend of both tends to be a highly effective model. This route provides balance and allows people to focus on the roles where they thrive. 

Whatever personnel solution you decide is right for your brand, making your marketing strategy a priority will help you accomplish your goals and will bring your brand to the next level.

If you’re interested in learning more about Fifth Advertising and what a marketing partnership could look like, reach out today!