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Content is a huge part of your everyday life whether you are creating it or enjoying, it’s there. These days, people are scrolling on their phones looking at instagram feeds, news stories, blog posts, memes, etc. Importantly, This of content is there to keep us informed, answer questions, entertain, spark happiness and more.

If you are creating content for your brand you are likely using it to attract and engage customers, bring new visitors to your site and ultimately increase revenue and engagement for your brand. Content creation is a great inbound marketing practice. Creating content for your brand ultimately provides free and useful information for your audience with the intent to draw in potential customers and retain the existing customers. Hubspot reported that “Content marketing brings in 3X as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less.”

Since we have learned that content marketing is highly beneficial for your brand, let’s discuss the ingredients to creating great content! 

Have a voice your audience can relate to

Define your target audience and find your brand’s voice and keep it consistent through the content you post. You can only stand out so much through your visual content. The written content that you create needs the same amount of attention and consistency. Understanding your audience should be at the core of your content strategy. 

Create engaging and thought provoking content

Content is more than words and messaging, it also provokes emotions and engagement. Your content really needs to connect with your audience in order for them to want to share and engage with your content. This ties right in with your brand’s voice. 

Originality – Create Original Content

Originality plays a crucial role in content creation. Original content refers to any type of content material that’s never been produced before. Your original content will set your brand apart from everyone else. Also, this plays a strong role in having a successful SEO strategy

Stay on Brand

Consistency is key! This means, your original content, your brand’s voice, and engaging content needs to stay consistent across the board. Refer back to your brand strategy to stay on brand. This keeps your content on all platforms cohesive.

Use your blog to market your content

If your brand has a blog, you are already on the right track! Promoting your blog through your content is a win-win for your brand. First, it gives you original content to publish. Secondly, it drives more traffic to your website. This is also informative content that allows your audience to learn something new!

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