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There is no doubt that life will look different in a post-pandemic world, this includes consumer habits. More and more brands are turning to physical marketing to diversify from digital advertising channels. The digital world is now mainstream marketing. To stand out in all the noise, brands have to do something different.

What is physical marketing?

Physical marketing channels, like direct mail and magazines, allow brands to talk about what they care about and create physical moments to connect with readers. Well-crafted printed materials can become much more than junk mail or disposable catalogs. Physical materials have an opportunity to become  keepsakes and invite people to be a part of your brand’s story. Nothing digital can compare to something held in your hands.


As the online world becomes flooded with content, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to stand out without investing in paid marketing. With Apple and Google’s upcoming privacy changes coming into effect, tracking consumer data and personalization efforts will make it harder for marketers to connect with their desired audience. While direct mail is expensive, experts say it’s still a worthwhile investment.

Holistic Strategy

In a year of lockdowns, direct mail advertising offered a way to connect intimately with customers. While direct mail campaigns are successful, it does not mean marketers should forgo their digital strategies. Rather, they should take a holistic approach and their physical marketing should reinforce the digital. Tracking ROI on physical marketing can be a challenge. Incorporating QR codes, including a specific promo code, and creating specific landing pages can be a solid ways to track conversions.

Know your Audience

Oftentimes a physical marketing strategy is a long game initiative to build a loyal following versus turning a quick sale. The key to successful direct mail campaigns is to know your audience. The better you know your people, the better you can craft compelling and specific content. 

Physical marketing taps into the tangible experiences we humans are drawn to when the screens turn off. Now more than ever, marketers have an opportunity to adapt and see growth in post-pandemic marketing. Like fashion and cultural trends, marketing can be cyclical and we’re rounding the corner for print to have its time again.