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Walker360 is proud to be a SOC 2® certified printer. Our staff works hard each year to maintain this certification, as it reflects our commitment to keeping your business’s data secure and safe. AICPA uses SOC reporting as validated documentation of internal controls and the information systems accessed by users. If you are unfamiliar with AICPA or SOC 2® certification, keep reading to learn more about how this certification impacts your business printing and mailing services with Walker360.

What is AICPA?

AICPA (American Institute of CPAs) is the world’s largest member association representing the accounting profession since 1887. Over 431,000+ people spanning across 130 countries and territories are members of AICPA and represent all types of business industries. While they specialize in many important areas for CPAs, AICPA has also created defining criteria known as Trust Services Criteria which plays a crucial role in earning a SOC 2® certification.

What are Trust Services Criteria?

The Trust Services Criteria is a list of requirements defined by AICPA that a business must meet to obtain a SOC 2® certification. These requirements are the primary focus of the AICPA for maintaining secure and safe internal system and organization controls. Trust Services Criteria cover the following five areas of a business’s operations: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. A business wishing to earn their SOC 2® certification would have to meet requirements for each area.

• Security – evaluation to ensure a company’s information and systems are protected against unauthorized access and unauthorized disclosure of information. A company’s information and systems are also evaluated for damage to systems that could compromise the availability, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy of data, as well as the effect on the company’s ability to meet objectives.
• Availability – evaluation of how the information and systems are available for operation, how they will be accessed by authorized users, and how employees become authorized users.
• Processing Integrity – evaluation of system processing to complete valid, accurate, timely, and authorized requests that meet the company’s objectives.
• Confidentiality – evaluation of how information is designated confidential as well as how confidential information is protected and accessed by authorized users.
• Privacy – evaluation of how personal information is collected, used, retained, disclosed, and disposed of to meet the company’s objectives.

What is SOC 2®?

SOC (System and Organization Controls) is an information security compliance standard created and updated regularly by AICPA. The SOC reports can come in several varieties and document internal controls of an organization. Within SOC reports, there are two different types of areas a business can become certified for:
• SOC 1® focuses on system controls that affect financial statements.
• SOC 2® focuses on system controls surrounding information, security, availability, processing, integrity, confidentiality, and privacy.

Regardless of which SOC certification a business chooses, SOC reports help ensure that all users who need detailed information and assurance are able to retrieve and use the data within controlled measures. A big difference between SOC 1 and SOC 2® is that SOC 2® certification must comply with AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria. Whereas, SOC 1 certification does not have to comply with the Trust Services Criteria.

Why become SOC 2® certified?

The SOC 2® certification focuses on security controls within every level of a business. A SOC 2® certification plays a vital role in a business’s oversight of the organization, vendor management programs, internal risk management processes, and regulatory oversight. This certification applied more accurately to the business printing services and internal processes of Walker360. We knew becoming a SOC 2® certified printer would be most beneficial for our customers and business development.

How did Walker360 qualify for the SOC 2® certification?

Walker360 provided all necessary SOC reports and documentation to an external auditor. All SOC reports must be reviewed and approved by an external auditor to qualify for certification. Anything and everything to do with your business data is evaluated for security and compliance such as (but not limited to): data programs, firewalls, browser isolation tools, how users are granted access to data, how users are removed from access to data, where the data is stored, how the data is transferred, how the data is properly disposed of, and the data breach contingency plan. Where needed, Walker360 updated our internal systems and processes to meet the Trust Services Criteria for SOC 2® certification.

How long does SOC 2® certification last?

A SOC 2® Certification is only valid for 12 months, which means that every year Walker360 has to submit documentation to have our certification renewed. This helps to ensure that we not only updated our system and organization controls, but also that we maintain those consistent controls over time.

How does this help my business?

Walker360 is always improving and updating our products and services to provide the highest level of quality to your business. SOC certifications are internationally recognized for attesting to a business’s credibility with proper information and data management. Every level of our printing process, data retrieval, and data management is evaluated yearly against the Trust Services Criteria. Our SOC 2® certification is the peace of mind you need to know that no matter what industry your business is in, Walker360 is taking every possible step to provide safe and secure data advertising services.

Our promise to you.

At Walker360, our data management policy is simple. We will consistently provide you with outstanding print and mail services that are on time, on budget, and always exceeding your specifications and expectations. We will always work on improving and refining our internal processes to meet your satisfaction and all the SOC 2® requirements. We focus on building lasting creditability and relationships so you know you can always depend on us, regardless of the print or mail job. SOC 2® certification isn’t just a checked box for us. It represents our commitment to constantly improve our performance and methods to be the best they can be.

To learn more about Walker360 and our certifications, visit our About Us page or contact us today!