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Personalization in marketing is everywhere. Have you ever seen a strangely specific social media ad? Have you listened to a Spotify playlist with recommended artists? Individual marketing experiences are everywhere because they are effective. According to aDMA data repor, investing in personalization improves the performance of campaigns and as a result, directly impacts ROI. Not only are consumers more likely to respond to a personal touch, but they also have come to a place where it expected from companies big or small

What is Variable Data Printing?

In the direct mail industry, marketers use personalization using variable data printing (VDP). Marketing pieces can be fully customized for individuals using VDP. For example, this includes names, messages, special offers, or even images. Variable data printing allows brands to create unique campaigns that result in increased engagement

Research Your Target Market

The more you know about your consumer base, the more you can personalize. Brands need to know their audience. Where do they live? What do they like to do? What stage of life are they in? If you don’t have data on your audience, you can purchase a mailing list through our VDP specialists. We have access to software that can generate highly targeted addresses. For instance, you can focus on pet owners or even specific professions. There are endless targeting options and the more specific you can be, the better.

Content is King

On your direct mail piece, it is recommended to include three instances of personalization. As a result, the likelihood of connection and consumer engagement increases. After identifying your target market, it’s time to focus on your message. In a direct mail piece the copy, graphics, and specials should be tailored to the recipient The effort you put into tailoring your message encourages a true connection that results in customers for life. Do you need help writing a compelling message or creating an engaging design? Our award-winning creative tea is here to hel

To sum it up, instead of creating one general message for your campaign, consider using variable data printing to connect one-on-one with consumers. Ready to get started? Reach out today to talk to one of our variable data printing experts