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Setting the standard for sophistication in marketing collateral is the Perfect Bound Booklet. The perfect-bound booklet is the type of piece that boasts a clean look and a tailored edge. This medium is a classy choice for your brand’s portfolios, magazinesmanualsbooksreports, and more. Take your marketing materials to the next level and add a layer of professionalism to your brand that conveys elegance and builds trust.


What makes this booklet so “perfect?” Instead of using coils or staples, this type of booklet is bound together with high-quality glue. This allows for booklets to contain more pages and offers a seamless cover to display featured artwork on both the cover and spine. With this uninhibited landscape, your printed materials go from promotional items to works of art. No design experience? We have your back. Walker360’s in-house creative team is here to help you every step of the way. These award-winning artists capture your brand’s unique edge and have the skills to display your vision through design. Create captivating print pieces and give your audience something to hold on to and connect with.


Don’t solely rely on digital platforms to promote your work. Why not go against the grain and do something different? A perfect bound book can showcase a wide range of services and give people something to hold in their hands that could catch their attention enough to be remembered. Rich imagery and unique paper is an enhanced experience compared to seeing something digitally.


There is a world of possibilities within perfect bound books. Capture a truly professional look-and-feel from a soft-touch coating on the exterior, to a crisp matte paper interior. Your texts and graphics will leap off the page with our environmentally friendly soy and vegetable-based inks.


Is the perfect-bound book the right fit for your next project? Get in touch today for a custom quote and talk to a real person.