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You probably know by now that marketing isn’t as easy as advertising on one platform and watching the customers pour in. Not only do you need to get creative with your design and phrasing, but you need to explore different forms of advertising media and find what combinations work best for your company. Using various techniques to promote your business can result in a strong wave of customers, all converting from different places.

When looking for different ways to advertise, magazine printing can be overlooked. That’s pretty unfortunate, especially since magazines are on the rise and there are a ton of ways magazines can be used to promote your business. In fact, research shows that during COVID-19, audiences for print media grew. It goes to show that even in the digital age, physical print media is still effective.

Here are 5 different ways your company can utilize magazines to help promote your business.


1. Product Listing

Listing all your products for consumers to look at is a great way to keep them engaged with your business. Magazines can be utilized much like a catalog, but with more personalization and unique aspects. Print catalogs have been on a steady rise since 2015, so it’s important to utilize that aspect in your magazine.

This is especially beneficial if your company changes based on the season. For example, if you are a clothing store, you aren’t going to have the same products year-round. Using a magazine, you can be in consistent contact with your customers and update them on all the latest products, even if they aren’t new and they just come back for the season. It’s also a lot easier on the eyes to look at products in a print magazine compared to a computer screen!

Product listings are a good opportunity to show products that you have extra off, products you are trying to get rid of, or just products you are trying to highlight to boost sales.


2. Share Success Stories and Case Studies

When potential customers look at different companies to provide a service, they typically don’t choose a business they know nothing about. Chances are they will try to find out more about you, like how people often look at reviews when deciding where to eat. Magazines can provide the golden opportunity to show people what you can do and how good your services are.

Look back at some projects your company is most proud of. You can use those success stories and share them with audiences via magazines. Case studies can be helpful in convincing someone to go with your company. Just make sure the data you are providing is accurate, reliable, and most importantly, up to date. Don’t just rely on old statistics that you gathered years ago and have been using on the website ever since, dedicate some time to updating all your data so you can look even better in the eyes of a consumer.

Don’t just stop at your own personal data, if you work with other companies you can provide updates on case studies depending on how long ago they happened. Reach out to old clients, or existing clients about old projects, and get some information about how it has impacted them and if they still see growth or improvement today. The more recent your case study data is, the better.


3. Update Customers on Your Company

Not only can you show off your success stories to potential customers, but you can share updates on your company that will be useful for both potential customers and existing ones.

This will be your opportunity to show your company is constantly growing and making whatever changes are necessary to improve. Highlight parts of your company readers will be interested in. It could be something that affects them directly, like new discounts and coupons, or it could be something that makes the reader feel like they are a part of the business like announcing new resources and employees.

Customers like to feel part of the business they are buying from. That’s why they so often follow businesses on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. Heavy magazine readers tend to engage in more brand conversation, which means if you give them the latest updates, they will be excited to share it with their friends and family.


4. List Existing and New Services

Just like your company’s needs evolve over the years, a customer may be looking for a service they didn’t need or want in the past. Or maybe they would have bought something from you if you offered it at the time and now they have no idea you have what they are looking for.

It’s always a good idea to update your customers on existing and new services. For example, if you run a local pet shop, you may have customers who have bought products for their dogs. But what if an owner decided they now want to adopt a cat? They probably won’t have any idea what kind of services you offer if they are a brand-new cat owner. By utilizing magazines, they will be able to look at and familiarize themselves with all the services you offer. That way you will always be in their mind when they need you.


5. Build a Relationship

The Associate of Magazine Media finds that year after year magazines consistently score higher than television and the internet on key engagement attributes. Readers find magazine content more trustworthy and inspiring. It’s time to take advantage of that connection and start building a relationship with your customers.

By doing everything we’ve listed above, you’re ready to start building that relationship. Walker360 is here to help you use magazines to start getting people more engaged with your company. Our in-house creative team is ready to craft contemporary designs to get your vision onto paper. We also help you pick out what sizing, paper, and binding will best suit your magazine to match your ideas, budget, and goals.

By utilizing variable data printing, we will be able to customize text like names, addresses, birthdays, and more. The same goes for graphics, colors, photos and articles. That way you can make each magazine as personable as possible to maintain that connection with the customer.

If you have extra space in your magazine, this could be an opportunity for ads. You will be able to sell ad space in your magazine and profit from building a relationship with your customers! With print magazines, the possibilities are endless.


Magazine Printing with Walker360

Once your magazine is designed and ready to go, Walker360 will help with direct mailing so that you can get your magazines on the doorstep of customers quickly and efficiently. As USPS certified specialists, we will do everything it takes to make sure your mail gets delivered on time and at the lowest rate.

To get started on your magazine, reach out to Walker360 today!