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What is Local SEO?

Local Search Engine Optimization is a specific branch of SEO that focuses on improving your website being found in local search results. Local search includes commonly searched terms such as:

  • “restaurants” near me
  • “doctors” in “your city”

Local searches focus on a keyword tagged with a “location” or “near me” which signals to Google to include a geographical constraint to the search results. Local SEO is focused on improving your visibility for these local search results in searches related to your business and your products or services.

Why is Local SEO Important for your Business?

Local searches now account for nearly half of all Google Searches. Even if someone searches a typical search without a “near me”, Google tends to prioritize local business near the user. From 2017 to 2019, there was a 900% increase in searches that involve the phrase “near me”. To meet the needs of these searchers, Google has begun filtering search results geographically based on Proximity, Relevance, and Prominence.

If your business is close to where someone is searching, offers the product or service the user is searching for, and you have optimized your local business listings, you will be much more likely to be found by potential customers.

Why You Should Prioritize your Local SEO


While it may take time and effort to manage your Local SEO, many of the most effective tools such as Google My Business and Facebook are free to set up.

Be Found by More People, Who Are Ready To Buy

72% of people that search for a local business or service, visit a store within 5 miles. If you are found in a local search, you have a much better chance of capturing new leads for your small business. Not only will you find more leads, but Local SEO leads are also much more likely to be ready to purchase now. 80% of local searches performed on a mobile device convert into sales.

How Do I Optimize my Local Search Ranking?

  • Keyword Research – Know what people are searching for in your area and make sure to include the keywords in your website and copy.
  • Acquire Location Focused Backlinks – acquire backlinks from relevant local websites such as local partner sites, local newspapers sites, industry-related local sites, and your local Chamber of Commerce Site.
  • Optimize Your Free Local SEO Platforms – set up and maintain a company Facebook page and a Google My Business Listing. While these platforms are free, they are a powerful addition to your Local SEO toolbox. However, setting them up incorrectly can lead to being penalized in local searches. Having a Professional Digital Agency is very valuable in ensuring your Google My Business and Facebook Business accounts are set up correctly.

Need Help Optimizing Your Local SEO?

Walker360 specializes in helping our customers achieve massive and sustained growth with our custom Digital Strategies, SEO Services, PPC Advertising, Website Design, and Turn-Key Data and Analytics services. If you would like to get started with a custom Digital Strategy for your business, contact us today!