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In our saturated, highly connected world, one would think inspiration is as endless as the Internet. So why do recent marketers continue to struggle with new and creative work? Part of the answer lies in the question. The overwhelming amount of research and competing ideas can make marketing professionals feel burned out or as if every new idea has already been done by someone else before them. This coupled with a frequently overloaded workday of events, webinars, emails, meetings, proofing, approvals, vendor communication, and writing can stifle some into believing there’s just no time to let your mind wander. But never fear! Below, we’re outlining some fresh takes on how you can keep on creating without the constant struggle.

Keep reading

Read anything you can get your hands on when it comes to business and non-business genres, and be sure not to isolate yourself or put your head in the sand when it comes to creative work. Find some industry players that you admire and ones that add value to your daily grind; by opening up room for out-of-the-box ideas, you leave space for inspiration.

Focus on your values

Does your company have a mission statement or core values that drive its business practices? Take the time to invest in these core values as a way of reaching new audiences and staying engaged with your current customers by creating a web series or event around what you stand for as a partner in business.

Play around with new content

Email campaigns lost their luster? If you are bored by your marketing, chances are your audience is too. Try experimenting with a different way of communicating that involves a type of content you’ve never created. Maybe it’s an ebook, webinar, printed lookbook, or landing page. Working with a new challenge can get your creativity flowing in ways you may not expect, and taking a chance on something original is a brilliant way to open up new opportunities for your marketing.

Don’t put the cart before the horse

Sometimes being creative isn’t enough for an idea to succeed. If you feel like you’re constantly spinning your wheels without getting anywhere creatively, is there a chance your marketing goal needs to be refined? By creating something before having sound strategies, vision, and benchmark goals, it will be increasingly hard for the creative to be useful and effective. We love using audience personas to inform certain creative, as well as using wire frames, maps, and creative briefs to define each item on the marketing calendar.

Build a team

In offices where you can take advantage of having other smart, savvy people around to brainstorm with on these challenges, do it. The necessity of teams and collaboration cannot be overstated. Working with team members each contributing their own strengths and feedback can help ideas grow into well-rounded, solid strategies. If you, on the other hand, are the keeper of creativity, make sure you’re not missing out on ways to connect with other marketers in your city. Attend conferences, make time for local chapter luncheons, and check out any other events that are happening where you can spend time with like-minded marketers who are eager to workshop ideas.