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The ins and outs of direct mail can become confusing and overwhelming — indicias, postal classifications, standard sizing, tabbing vs. non-tabbing, etc. — but we see a few commonalities in all successful direct mail campaigns that hopefully can help focus your efforts where they’re most impactful. These suggestions apply whether you’re looking to reach out to new prospects or stay engaged in your retention efforts with customers.

Healthy Data

The most persuasive mailpiece can’t convert if it isn’t reaching the right people, so commit to keeping your database updated. This task instantly saves you money in postage and ensures that you have the highest possibly delivery rate. If you’re targeting a brand-new audience, ask yourself if this audience is a good fit for the project or offer. For example, if you’re an in-home contractor looking to offer a discounted service on home A/C units, you can limit your audience to verified homeowners and homes that are of a certain age, eliminating renters and new homes, and increasing the likelihood that your audience would need A/C service. Additional selections for consumer prospect lists include things like household income, children, new movers, buying activity, technology preferences, and vehicle type.

Offer or Promotion

No matter what form of media you choose, your audience is still busy, overwhelmed, and impatient. Keep this in mind when you’re choosing an offer by making sure your content is direct and to the point of the matter. Draw your reader in with key benefits and keep their attention with supporting copy. And make sure you’re speaking to your audience in a language that makes sense to them. Overcomplications and wordiness get trashed; instead, use headers to emphasize key takeaways, bullet points to organize, and pull quotes for calls to action. These details should work together to tell a story and build an emotional connection with the audience. Testimonials or a case study is a great place to begin building that story.

Presentation and Design

Amplify your message with images and design; an infographic is a great way to showcase information in a visual format, and beautiful design helps your piece stand out in the crowded stack of mail. A well-placed photo can even emphasize an emotion you’re wanting to convey in your copy. In addition to design elements, think outside the (mail)box when it comes to material and sizing. We love features like soft-touch laminating, oversized self-mailers, and clear polybags. You can even show off that healthy database list in your design by incorporating VDP. Variable Data Printing allows for individualized creations tailored to each recipient in your mail list. Adding a personalized touch to the design sparks interest and communicates to the consumer in a one-on-one way that feels special.

If you want an easy way to remember these tips, try memorizing the FLOP method.

  • FL. – Fantastic List
  • O. – Offers
  • P. – Presentation

Remember FL.O.P., and your direct mail piece won’t be a flop!

If you’d like to talk more about your next direct mail piece or have questions on how to target the right prospective audience, send us an email at [email protected]