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One of the best ways to create a brand with consistency is through your collateral items. Collateral is any physical product or media that you use to promote your brand. Branded collateral is typically used for any point of contact you have with potential clients. These print marketing materials can also be used in scenarios like sales meetings, trade shows, and networking events. 

Today, we are going to go over the different types of printed pieces that you can use for your branded collateral.

Business Cards

Your business card represents your brand and most of the time it is the first piece of representation for your company that the customer receives. So, when creating your business cards, keep in mind that these are your first impression piece.

Product Packaging

The product package promotes and displays the product within. If you are mailing products to customers, your product packaging can serve as a great marketing tool. Designing a package with your branding will make it easily recognized and help customers to remember your product.

Letterhead & Envelopes

Having your branding on letterheads and envelopes helps your company come across as credible. Envelopes and letterheads can provide your customers not only with the logo, but also provides important contact information. These are a great way to enhance your company’s image. 


Brochures allow your company to convey a heavy amount of information that you can’t fit on a postcard, signs and business cards. This is a great extension to your branded collateral. The tri-fold design allows for plenty of room to describe your products and services. 


Signage may seem pretty straight forward, but it is still an important piece of your branded collateral. Additionally, your signage needs to catch attention and create a positive first impression.

Hence, it is important to invest your time in keeping your brand consistent. Having these print marketing materials in your branded collateral, helps your company stay consistent with the brand and reinforces the good impression you are hoping to make. Moreover, this will create a lasting impact because it shows that you have taken the time and invested in something that you plan to give away for free. Walker360 can not only help you create a brand design and strategy, but we are also equipped to print your branded collateral to use for your print marketing. From brochures, to presentation folders, to business cards, Walker360 is here to help!

Reach out today to enhance your brand with branded print collateral!