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With new technology and printing advancements always on the rise, it’s important for your company to stay ahead of the game and take advantage of advanced printing techniques like on-demand printing. But what is print on demand? Print on demand allows people to request which products they want and they can then order those products right to them. Anytime, anywhere. Products can range from posters and banners to brochures and envelopes or anything in-between. Printing on demand is easy to set up and can end up saving your company a lot of time and money. Not only will you be saving money, but also paper. By not printing excess materials, you will reduce the amount of paper waste that your company produces.

Here are some of the biggest benefits you can take advantage of with print on demand.

Stop Holding Inventory

One of the biggest benefits of on-demand printing is that you can now save on storage space instead of ordering in bulk and setting aside space for print materials you won’t need until months from now. By choosing print on demand, you can be more flexible with your inventory and only order what you need, when you need it. This can help your company reduce storage costs and space. Let’s say you help run a church and print educational books for members of your church. You’ll want to order enough for your current members, but what if your church starts to grow and you will need new books to adjust for this? Instead of buying an excessive amount of books in bulk and trying to find somewhere to store everything, just order what you need. Then, with print on demand, you can easily place orders for later without ever having to worry about running low on books.

Reduce Overprinting

Have you ever run into the issue where you order too many of one item and you are unsure what to do with the rest? This can be a common problem, especially when your materials may be time sensitive and you won’t be able to use them after a certain date, like a furniture company printing spring catalogs for their stores. With on-demand printing, you will only have to order and pay for what you need. If you run out and need more, it’s simple to place new orders and have them delivered to you in a timely matter. This is a lot better than the alternative of paying for a lot of materials upfront, you won’t have to waste money on leftover materials anymore.

Save Time

Running a business is a lot of work. Printing on demand can help you shift some of the time you would normally spend trying to get things printed and make the process more efficient for you. Instead of having to call in orders and verify every detail with a staff member you can just go online and place your order. With just a few clicks you can choose what items you want to be printed, make customization changes based on your needs, and choose the quantity. Instead of trying to set aside time during the day to place an order during business hours, you can do it at your convenience. You can access your orders 24/7. Whether it’s 6 am and a marketing manager realizes they are running low on office magazines or it’s midnight and a night shift supervisor needs more menus in Spanish, printing on demand will put your mind at ease.

Variable Data Printing

By combining on-demand printing and variable data printing, you can change certain items on your printing materials (like names, addresses, dates, etc.) without stopping or slowing down the printing process. Variable data printing can be beneficial in so many ways. First off, it provides brand consistency. If you are a car dealership with multiple branches, you will have the same printing material at each location. However, each location also must be different to match the name and address. Instead of creating brand new materials for each location, variable data printing can switch out the names, addresses, and any other details you may need. That way the branches all maintain consistency and customers won’t get confused if they visit a different location.

Variable data printing also helps you create more personalized content for your brand and customers. The more personalized your materials can be for each person, the better. For example, if you are a law firm that sends appreciation cards to their clients every year, then your clients will most likely change from year to year. You would be able to easily enter and remove client data from a database and get your cards out in a timely manner. Plus, adding your client’s name to a thank you card will be a lot more meaningful than a generic card that could have gone to anyone.

How To Start Printing On Demand

If you are looking to start printing on demand, Walker360 is here to help. It’s easy to get set up and start utilizing our print-on-demand services through our 360Express program.

You will first need to have the type of product and a design for that product. If you are unsure of a design or need help with one, our team of printing experts is here to help determine what will work best. We have over 75 years of printing experience and are ready to use that experience to benefit you. Once your idea is finalized, you will get access to your own online storefront that will host all your products. You will have access to this 24/7 so you can always order what you need. If you know the consistency of your orders, you can explore our automatic reorder option. Once you’ve placed an order, your design will go straight to our printing company in Montgomery, Alabama. From there your order will be shipped out to you within 48 hours (Monday-Friday), all at a discounted price!

It’s as simple as placing an order on your favorite online store. Start saving time and money today with print on demand. For more information, reach out to [email protected] or watch our 360Express video below.