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So far, the year 2020 has been full of uncertainty. We’ve all witnessed, firsthand, the importance of being willing to adapt to a “new normal.” From both the perspectives of individuals and businesses, we’re finding better ways to connect with friends, family, and customers from afar. Direct Mail stands out from the digital trends and can be your advertising strategy that works.


1. Safer At Home

With Covid-19 changing the communication landscape, it’s time to think outside the box. You can safely connect with your audience with well-designed direct mail and deliver an impactful message straight to their doorstep. Read more on how paper products are a smart and safe marketing choice.

2. Be Read & Remembered 

Beyond being a safe communication tool, delivering a physical piece of mail sets you apart from the over-saturated digital world. The average email click rate is 2.62%  while the average open rate for direct mail pieces is 57.1%. Take, for example, a company magazine or catalog. This is the kind of piece that could potentially end up on coffee tables and be picked up to be revisited time and time again. Print materials grab attention and open up the possibility for emotional connections. This strategy increases your potential for new and repeat customers.

3. Get Specific

With Walker360’s direct mail services, we can access mailing lists tailored to your specific area of focus. Send your projects to those potential targets and go the extra mile with a special touch of personalization using variable data. Our databases allow direct mail to reach prospects on an individualized level, setting you apart from the competition.

4. Reinforce Your Brand

Printed materials instill trust and add a layer of professionalism to your brand. When making purchasing decisions, four out of five Americans (82%) are more likely to trust print advertisements over any other channel. Give your audience a glimpse into your skills and showcase your company’s work in a high-end manner. Directly mailing a booklet, postcard, or brochure builds name recognition within your community. Pair this with great design and intriguing copy and impress customers and establish your commitment to quality.


The majority of us are spending more time at home and companies have the unique opportunity to meet their audience where they’re at. Direct Mail Advertising is our socially distant connection. Ready to get started? Walker360 is your source for printing and mailing solutions. With our direct mail experts and in-house design team, we make creating custom projects quick and simple. Reach out for a quote today!