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Marketing materials consist of any items that are used to communicate what your business offers to its customers. Print marketing materials are important when wanting to make a good impression. Using the right marketing materials can help you effectively reach your target customer. The best kind of print pieces have a great design with fonts, themes and colors that mesh well together to best highlight your brand. 

It is equally as important that your printed marketing materials are printed in the highest quality. Make sure you work with a trusted printer because your print materials are going to be the first interaction that your customers will have with your company. 

So, what print marketing materials should you be using to increase your sales?

Business Cards

No matter how much the digital world is taking marketing by storm, business cards will never die! Business cards are extremely powerful when used right. In order for these to be effective, you need to provide your staff with high quality cards and have them hand them out at any chance they can get. This will ensure that the potential customer has your information for when they are ready to reach out. Business cards make a great statement because they ensure your prospect that your business is organized and prepared to accept more business. 


The brochure is a legendary and iconic print piece that is not going away any time soon. The key is to make your brochure stand out and make someone want to pick it up. Brochures are important because they provide your customers with detailed information about your company. Having this kind of print collateral will ensure that your company is never lacking when new opportunities arise. Therefore, make sure that your brochure is well designed, well printed and provides people with the right amount of information. 


Catalogs are another print marketing piece that is here to stay. These tend to perform very well because it is a piece that people tend to keep for a long time. Catalogs can sometimes target a different audience of people who do not rely on getting their information online. Additionally, when designing your catalog, focus on quality not quantity. You want this piece to be captivating on every single page. 

Direct Mail Postcards

Direct mail postcards are as popular as ever in every industry. These easily stand out in a pile because all the information is right there in front of you. These postcards are a great way to reach a larger audience of people that you sometimes cannot reach online. Also, they serve as a great piece when doing promotions or campaigns for your company. 

Presentation Folders

Let’s take all these print pieces that we have discussed and put them all together for a nice presentation. This will help ensure that all of your print pieces will stay together and not get thrown away.  Similarly, this also says wonders about your company. If you present your materials in a concise organized manner, the customer is more likely to trust your professionalism. 

Convinced yet that print marketing materials is the way to go? Walker360 can not only print your materials, but we can help you design them as well! Reach out today!