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Is Your Website Ready for March 2021?

For several years now, Google has been focusing more and more on Mobile Search in determining its search rankings. Sixty-three percent of all Google searches now originate from a mobile device. The amount of mobile searches has grown every year since 2013 and will continue to become the dominant search medium. While Mobile-Friendly has been a growing Google ranking factor, it is about to become THE factor in Google rankings. In March 2021, Google will roll out mobile-first indexing for the entire web.

What does this mean?

Beginning in March 2021, Google will base what it indexes (and your search ranking) on the mobile version of your website. Previously your desktop version of your site was used to determine your indexing and ranking.

Should I Be Worried About Dropping in Google Search Rankings?

You should be concerned about dropping in Google Search Rankings if your site performs poorly on mobile devices, or if you have separate versions of your website for both mobile and desktop.

Check If Your Site Is Mobile-Friendly

Google will still index desktop sites, but it is going to much harder to rank in Google Search if your website is not mobile-friendly. How do you know if your website is mobile-friendly? Check out Google’s Mobile Friendliness Test to see whether or not your site is mobile-friendly. If your site fails this test, your website is not mobile-friendly, and there is a good chance your site will fall in Google search rankings starting in March 2020. Need help getting your site mobile-friendly? We can help!

Need Help Getting Your Site Ready for the Big Google Search Update in March 2021?

Here at Walker360, we specialize in helping our customers rank highly on Google Search and providing them with easy to understand reports so they know where their customers are coming from, what needs to be improved on their website and making sure their website is always in line with the latest best practices from Google.

If you need some help making sure your website is mobile-friendly and that you are ranking highly on Google Search, contact us today!