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Marketing is not a one shoe fits all type of situation. Different companies will have different strategies, even if they are selling similar products or services. You also can’t just rely on one form of advertisement to make your business work; marketing consists of several different funnels working together towards the goal of making a sale. No marketing channel works completely on its own to get a conversion.

While print advertising may not be as popular as digital media advertising, it is still widely used by companies big and small. Studies have shown over and over that print advertising works when used effectively, from higher engagement rates to a high trust factor.  Stop to think about how you are currently utilizing your print media and how you can improve upon it.

Maybe you want to use print media to increase foot traffic to your retail store, make deals pop out more when customers are in the store, or promote your store throughout town. Regardless of what your retail store goals are, print media can help you achieve them. Print advertising can mean a lot of things and there are a lot of different options to choose from. When using print media, make sure that your brand messaging and looks are consistent throughout all formats. Let’s look at different examples of print media and how they can positively impact your retail store sales and store traffic.

Sales Flyers

Although you may dismiss the idea of a flyer at first, it is a great way to get your name out there so you can start to make an impact on people when they think of products your retail store offers. Mailing out flyers can raise awareness and be tracked with QR codes and tracking phone call numbers.

Statistics show that 65% of people open a flyer within 28 days and flyers and leaflets are revisited an average of six times. That means you have an audience that is actively looking at your materials multiple times throughout the month. This could be good for pushing seasonal sales and discounts that don’t expire as fast. You can leave quicker expiring deals for your digital advertising.

Flyers are inexpensive and cost-effective. You can choose your sizing, messaging, and whatever else you want to control to make your ad perfect. They don’t just have to be mailed, they can also be hung up around town, in your store, or passed out to people outside the store.


Posters are another form of print media advertising that can be used both inside and outside the store. They can have multiple different uses, like if you want to showcase your top-selling items to customers in the store. Posters are a good way of directing in-store traffic to products and sections of the store where you want more attention.

For example, if the back right corner of your store hardly ever gets foot traffic, you could put a poster above the section advertising for people to come over and check out the different products and sales they may have missed while exploring the store. If you have a low-selling product, you could put up posters around the store to advertise that product and get some sales up. You could also use posters to promote specialty, limited or seasonal items that you don’t always carry. Take advantage of in-store posters so that you can utilize the shoppers you already got to the store and direct them to spend more on products they love.

As for the outside of the store, big posters can get people’s attention and drive them to the store. Maybe a customer just moved to the area and is driving around, but has no idea you had a store nearby. If people already know about your store, different deals, discounts, or product showcases can be displayed to get them back in the store or on your website.

Store Banners and Table Signs

These materials are another great way to help encourage sales within the store. If there are associates in your store that help customers, you could create signs for their table or even create a new booth for customers to come and ask questions. Or if someone needs help looking for a product, instead of wandering the store looking for an employee they could look for the big banners and table signs where they know employees will be, ready to help. If you just started selling a new product, you could utilize banners to display the product and encourage people to come to the associate’s table to see the product and learn more about its features.

Retail Store Catalog Printing

Don’t be fooled by people saying direct mail is dead! Catalog mailing has been increasing each year since 2015. Many big brands still use this business strategy, so it doesn’t look like print catalogs will be going away any time soon. Part of the reason catalogs are so effective is because, much like flyers, catalogs stay in the home for weeks or even months. People like looking at catalogs. It’s like online shopping without all the pop-ups, annoying ads, multiple distractions, and the pressure of being on the lookout for scams.

Catalogs aren’t just for people at home, sometimes customers in stores will utilize catalogs. Maybe instead of browsing the entire store, they want to look in a catalog at the front to see what they need and what deals you are currently offering. Or customers can check the catalog for new products, services warranties, staff and contact information. Regardless of what industry your business is in, there is a way to incorporate retail store catalog printing to increase customer retention and sales.

How Can I Get Started With Print Advertising?

If you are struggling to turn print media into sales or need a new marketing campaign with print media, Walker360 can help. Located in Montgomery, Alabama, Walker360 has been in the printing game for over 75 years. We’ve been building up trust with customers for decades and don’t plan on breaking that trust now. When you work with Walker360 you know you will get excellent customer service and quality prints.

Whether you are looking for magazines, catalogs, signs, posters, or any other form of printing material, we can put your ideas onto paper. Even if you don’t have a design in mind, our creative team can guide you through your ads and help create something that will turn heads to increase sales. We will use high-quality images, fonts, and colors that stand out and are easy to read.

Once you approve your design, we will expertly print it to your exact specifications and evaluate all aspects of the ad before it is printed. With low prices and a fast turnaround, you will be able to start advertising for your retail store or other business and start seeing real results. Reach out to Walker360 today to learn more about how your business can take its print advertising to the next level. Any way you want it, that’s the way we print it.