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How do you keep your marketing creative? Do you want your brand to stand out from the rest? Do you want your marketing campaigns to captivate your target audience? If you said yes to any of these, you may need to take a new approach to all of your marketing ideas.

If you want to stand out, you need to be different. The internet has changed many things that involve marketing, so now more than ever your ideas need to be more creative. The internet has also changed the way that we are able to receive marketing ad campaigns. There used to be a limited number of channels in which you could grab someone’s attention. Now it seems that the options are endless, but you are competing against everyone else out there.

As soon as a new opportunity opens up, marketers jump right on it! The internet surpassed one billion websites back in 2014, and each day people watch one billion hours of YouTube videos. This goes to show just how much opportunity is out there for marketing. However, with all of this being at people’s fingertips constantly, their attention spans are being affected. The human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to a whopping 8 seconds. So, you have got to catch people’s attention quickly, and your marketing materials cannot take too long for the consumer to digest. You need to be authentic. You need to be bold. And most important of all, you have got to keep your marketing creative!

1. Be personal

Mass marketing can be successful, but it will never be as effective as something that touches someone personally. Direct mail and email are good examples of this. Adding someone’s name can catch their attention and make them feel important, to you and your company. But what if we could go a step further, and forge a path to a personal connection with your customers. Find ways to communicate with them! Text messaging campaigns can prove to be very effective, especially if they know there is a real person on the other end. In fact, 90% of text messages are opened within the first 3 minutes after receiving, and 83% of people report that they read every single text message they get. Whatever method you choose just make sure that your audience feels that they are getting to have that one-on-one conversation, and not just getting lost in the crowd.

2. Be noticeable

Another popular form of marketing is influencer marketing. We as humans can be skeptical of trying new products, but if someone we believe in or like is using it then why not try it. Recommendations from other people, we know of or look up to, happens to be one of the most trusted sources for products. We are much more likely to buy something the more it is being talked about by others.

3. Be Quiet

Let others talk about your campaign, just as much as you do if not more. Coca-Cola did a wonderful job with this during their “Share a Coke” campaign, which started in 2014. The campaign was simple. They printed names onto their Coke bottles, and have continued to add names and sayings to be even more inclusive. People have been using the hashtag #ShareACoke all over social media, and Coca-Cola is no longer having to post about it. All of their customers were doing it for them. They were running with the campaign and helping it succeed. When you put something out there that is personal to people, they love it and are going to talk about it. We simply love talking about ourselves. Letting others do the talking for you is a super creative way to bypass our personal anti-marketing defenses.

Being creative is essential today in marketing. All of your moving parts must co-exist and create a cohesive, united front. You need to stand out from your competition and luckily your options are endless. We went over just three tips to help you stand out but there are many pathways you can take while planning your marketing strategies. Focus on one step at a time and utilize the power of technology.

Walker360 Creativity and Marketing Services

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