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Now is not the time to stop marketing. By building and maintaining your brand through hard times, you can position yourself as a trusted, reliable, and reassuring presence in your industry. And as other brands cut back on their marketing efforts, you’ll not only stand out but also improve your competitive advantage. Here are just a few ways you can adapt your marketing methods during this surreal period of social distancing and isolation.

Create Compelling Blog Content

Consistent blogging is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness while also providing relevant and useful content to your target audience. High quality content should always be a priority and now is a great time to crank it out. But as your crafting new blog posts, be sure to consider the current global mood of stress and fear. That means:

  • Focus on helping, not selling
  • Be a trustworthy source of information and inspiration
  • Always be genuine and find creative ways to help your community

Use Video

Has there ever been a better time to use video? Videos are a great way to get closer to your leads and customers while still maintaining a proper social distance. You can embed the videos on your website, share them on social media, or include them in your email marketing. And there are so many different approaches you can take, for example:

  • Produce a video that is shared at large on your website and social media for all to see
  • Send a personalized video to a prospect or new customers
  • Provide clear and customized customer support

Step Up Your Social Media

We all know the importance of being present on social media, but in times of crisis, it’s essential. In the midst of quarantines and social distancing it’s also a fantastic way to stay in front of your customers. And once you create your amazing videos and blog posts you can share those on social as well! But don’t just focus on pushing out content. Also focus on:

  • Take the time to listen to what your customers, target audiences, and competitors are saying
  • Engage with your followers by responding to comments or reviews
  • Support and inspire your community by posting daily offers or inspiring quotes