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The average person receives two pieces of mail a day. Fifty-three percent of them say that they read every single piece of mail. Another twenty-one percent says they quickly scan through their mail to see what is important to them. This means that a good majority of consumers will see your business’s personalized direct mail and actually read it. When personalizing your direct mail you can make sure that the consumer opens and digests your message. By personalizing direct mail you are shifting attention to the specific individual, and putting the consumers’ needs and wants first. Begin by considering how you want the consumer to feel when they receive their mail, whether they are receiving an appointment reminder or a small gift from your company. These actions are going to make the consumer feel appreciated and then they will return the favor by telling others that you made them feel valued. You have now opened up more direct conversation and more business opportunities with them and their friends and family.


Personalization helps establish a bond between your consumer and you. This extra step can make the consumer feel thought of, valued, or just genuinely happy. By using someone’s name in direct mailing they are more likely to feel special and pay more attention to the mail. When scanning through their mail, their name and other items that are important to them are going to stick out and catch their attention. Again, this is helping build that bond and connection between your consumer and your business. Continue to build a relationship and connect with them by keeping your mail or item relevant to the recipient. Is this person an avid runner? Send a water bottle. Has this person just gotten married or had a baby? Include pictures of a family in your e-mail. Do they love animals? Send some fun animal supplies. Send them something that you know would make them feel happy or add value to their life. Small details like this will make them feel more connected to you. In a study done by Epsilon, a global marketing company, 59% of their respondents actually agreed that they enjoyed receiving postal mail from brands. This mail can in turn be put on a refrigerator or desk as a reminder, unlike an email.


When you make someone feel like they matter to you and your company they talk! It’s natural that everyone wants to feel respected, heard, and catered to at times. Nothing resonates more with people than being acknowledged. These happy consumers go out and talk about how you made them feel. By using personalized direct mail you have opened up word of mouth marketing for your business. When your happy consumers go out and talk about how personable and nice your business is, their friends and family are going to listen. These friends and family members are going to remember how you made their friend feel, and the next time they are in need of services you provide they will think of you. By sending your consumers personable direct mail they are opening up a new line of business for you. Word of mouth marketing is now working for you and your company, and it is priceless.


When a consumer receives something specialized for them they are more likely to act on it, generating a higher response than other types of direct mail. A simple direct mail campaign can provide a great Return On Investment, or ROI. In an annual study done by Data & Marketing Association (DMA) direct mail campaigns have an average ROI of 29%. We as humans are hard wired to pay attention to things that matter to us, things that we care about. When we feel cared for, we open up a line of communication. When you open up a line of communication between your consumer and you, they are more likely to continue business with you. By addressing consumer’s needs and focusing on them, they will appreciate you and your business. Communication is key to finding out what your consumer wants, and what will keep them coming back for years to come. From this communication, you can even learn to cater to some of their other needs you were unaware about in the beginning. By using personalized direct mail you help your consumers build trust in you. Research does show that 58% of people want a personalized experience rather than a generic one. You have become more personable and real. You have made them feel special. You have made them feel valued. The more you interact and engage with your consumers with personable touches, the more they will put trust into your business. These tactics can help your company shine brighter and stand out from the rest. With personalizing your direct mail you are communicating with your consumers and enhancing your business all at once.