Kowaliga Restaurant

The Challenge:

Kowaliga restaurant is located on the popular Lake Martin in Alexander City. As one can imagine, the summer months are bustling with hungry visitors partaking in all the fun lake activities but the winter months show a marked decline. Our client tasked us with creating a clever direct mail campaign to drive restaurant sales in the slowest part of the season.

The Solution:

Walker360 proposed they mail a “Free Dinner” postcard to 1000 people in a 10-mile radius of the restaurant who had a birthday in November. The thought process behind the postcard was that hardly no one goes to eat lunch by themselves on their birthday (they bring a group of people, filling more seats), and birthday celebrations tend to buy higher margin items on the menu (alcohol and dessert). Most importantly, Walker360 recommended the birthday offer post card campaign because it is extremely measurable as the recipient was required to bring the postcard with them in order to redeem the offer.

The Results:

The offer was a huge success, as 91 people redeemed the offer. The average response rate of a direct mail campaign is 2%. However, this campaign generated nearly a 10% response rate (5x the average response rate!). The average number of patrons who came in with the birthday party was 2.66 x 91 offers = 242 customers. Considering that the restaurant is only open 4 days a week in the winter, the offer brought in an astounding average of 16 additional customer per day. Walker360 was hired to show proof that direct mail is an effective and measurable marketing tool, and we delivered.


Avg Customer Response Rate