What format is preferred when submitting files?

  • High-Resolution PDF with fonts and images embedded are the most reliable format for printing. Avoid saving in RGB and stick with CMYK.

What is an acceptable resolution for layouts and images?

  • We prefer 300 dpi but will accept a minimum of 220 dpi. Please note that pictures and graphics pulled from the internet are often low resolution (typically 72 dpi or 96 dpi). Try to avoid these, as they will appear very pixelated when printed.

What is “Bleed” and what is the recommended amount of bleed for print jobs?

  • Bleed is when the print area goes beyond the final trim line of the page thus allowing final print to “bleed” off the edge of the page. Recommended bleed is 1/8 inch (.125) on all sides of the page or sheet.

How long until I receive a proof of my job?

  • Digital proofs will typically be sent to you for approval within 1 business day once we have received your electronic files.

How long does it take for you to complete my order?

  • Production times vary widely depending on individual job specifications. Some jobs can be produced in a day while other jobs may take a couple of weeks. 95% of our jobs are completed and shipped within 3-4 business days or less after you approve your proof. Tight deadlines? We have you covered.

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