The Challenge:

BG Development Group is a land developer in Texas that specializes in Ranches that range anywhere from 5 acres to over 100 acres. Each year BG implements a one-day land sale on a developed area and will host 4 to 5 different sales throughout the year. In 2020, they were planning to have at least 6 of these sales and they managed to host the February sale before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the United States. The government mandated quarantine and social distancing regulations forced BG Development to postpone the next land sale in April. As the pandemic raged on, BG Development realized the original 6 land sales they were planning to do that year would not be happening. In late June, BG Development decided to plan for the next sale to be the first week of August.

In the past, BG Development would send over a million mailers to a specified income range that were in a certain proximity to the sale location. They were nervous that the turnout would be low if people were scared of contracting the virus. Even if a decent sized crowd showed up, there was still a possibility that the land sale could flop if people were holding out on making any investments due to the uncertainty of the economy. For all of these reasons, BG Development needed to reduce their mail campaign budget by half and still maintain a low cost equivalent comparable to their previous mail campaigns.

The Solution:

Walker360 partnered with BG Development to design an attractive sales piece within the allotted budget. With all mail pieces, Walker360 sticks to the 40/40/20 rule of having a quality list, engaging content and intriguing presentation. This ensures that any mail marketing campaign has a well-rounded strategy that is not too dependent on any one specific factor to make it successful.

The list:
Taking the original mailing list, Walker360 identified qualifying criteria to condense the list down to the most prospective candidates. The list contained candidates with an average yearly income of $85,000 or higher and who lived in the larger cities that were closest in proximity to the sale. By targeting a higher income, there would be a greater chance the recipients would be interested in attending the land-sale and/or investing financially in a property that could potentially be a vacation home outside the bustling city. Using these criteria, Walker360 was able to provide a list of 395,813 well vetted names and addresses that would be contacted through this advertising campaign.

The content:
To ensure all recipients received the marketing campaign message, Walker360 recommended creating a postcard with the land sale information. This would prevent the recipients from having to physically open a letter or risk the mailer being trashed altogether because they don’t want to open it. The postcard contained all the information about when and where the sale would take place as well as reassurance that all CDC and state COVID-19 protocols would be followed. It also included a highlight of the ranch features, financial highlights, and contact information to schedule a private showing to view properties.

The presentation:
The postcard maintained a rugged outdoorsy look and pictures of potential wildlife that could be spotted near the properties. The information was split into appropriate groups so it would be easy for the recipient to read and understand. Any crucial information, such as the date of the sale and number of properties being sold, were crafted in a unique way to grab the recipient’s attention. In the end, the postcard perfectly captured the BG Development group’s message and brand for this direct mail campaign.

The Results:

By working together, BG Development and Walker360 were able to create a strategic direct mail marketing campaign that was successful during an apprehensive time. Walker360 maintained the per unit price for each piece at the same rate that BG Development had become accustomed to, even though the campaign would be less than half of what had been done in the past. Additionally, Walker360 was able to print, trim, ink jet, verify, and ship all 395,813 pieces within 7 days to the specified distribution centers in Texas. Despite the global pandemic, a condensed mailing list, and reduced budget, this marketing campaign produced a record high of appointments set and land sales.

printed & shipped in seven days!

“We could not be happier with the results of this campaign. And our partnership with Walker360 was a major factor of the campaign success!”

BG Development Group