The Challenge:

The Home Builders Association of Alabama (HBAA) is part of the most influential and active organization representing the building industry. This organization consists of approximately 7,500 members in 26 local associations across the state of Alabama and includes builders, remodelers, developers, suppliers, manufacturers, architects, engineers, real estate brokers, lenders, attorneys and other industry professionals. As an advocate for Alabama’s housing industry and an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the HBAA provides a corporate channel for home builders to give back to the local community through time, money and services for charity projects and education initiatives.

As a prestigious organization, the HBAA wanted to update their current newspaper to something that matched the same level of esteem and reputation.The current tabloid-size newspaper, Alabama Homebuilder, needed to be modernized and showcase their members’ work in a captivating way. HBAA wanted to produce a publication that would not only deliver important association and industry news to their members, but also serve as a powerful public relations tool for promoting their association and members.

The Solution:

Instead of doing an ordinary glossy, standard-size magazine similar to other publications, HBAA collaborated with Walker360 to develop an oversized 9×13 magazine with a foldout on a matte finish paper. This abnormal size and texture are not only eye-catching and different from other publications, but also provides a long shelf life as customers keep it on their coffee tables. The inside was also restructured a bit to provide a template moving forward with dedicated sections for HBAA news, deadlines, membership updates, project features, scholarship initiatives and more. The size and layout would help communicate more effectively the efforts each local association is doing, the impact the HBAA is having on the state of Alabama and how members could become more involved in future initiatives.

Walker360 Magazine Printing

The Results:

The revived publication has been a tremendous success within the HBAA organization members and is now a staple hit with their advertisers as well. It perfectly captures the elegance and beauty of innovative construction and remodeling work that HBAA members are doing throughout the state. In 2013 and 2017, the Alabama Homebuilder was recognized with the Association Achievement Award presented by the National Association of Home Builders for having the Best State Publication. This is a huge honor, not just for the Home Builders Association of Alabama, but also for all the members within the organization who contributed their work and continued efforts into improving the local community. The HBAA also experienced an increase in ad revenue with the redesigned publication, receiving frequent cold calls, and captivating interest even from major national brand advertisers. Today, the Alabama Homebuilder continues to be a charming publication that members and non-members alike enjoy receiving.


received a national award for their updated publication.

“In 2013 and again in 2017, Alabama Homebuilder magazine was recognized with the Association Achievement Award presented by the National Association of Home Builders for Best State Publication. To be recognized on the national level is a great honor and we are very proud of these awards. Our members are very proud of this publication as well and love to see their work featured. In addition to pleasing our members, the magazine has been a hit with our advertisers. We’ve seen a substantial increase in ad revenue since the redesign and have attracted more “major” national brand advertisers. We frequently receive cold calls from ad agencies and advertisers inquiring about the magazine. Having such a graphically appealing magazine and one that is so different from other publications means that our advertisers get more exposure, which is a win for everyone.”

Lisa Watkins Public Relations Director