General Document Guidelines

We offer in-rip trapping for your convenience, it is not necessary for you to trap the files. Files from Microsoft Word or Wordperfect, are subject to reflow based on your printer choice.

To ensure a uniterrupted project please follow the general document guidelines below:

  • Every file should have a unique name, no longer than 24 characters & spaces
  • Your document size should match your trim size
  • All documents must have a 1/8 inch bleed (extra run off image for trim) along each side
  • Consider converting fonts to paths/outlines, page layout programs will not collect fonts used in linked images
  • When applying a "style" to typem do not use the "measurements" or "effects" palettes. Select an actual typeset from the font panel. This ensures the fonts will be collected and printed properly
  • Eliminate all unnecessary elements in your file. Extra unused colors, type, graphics. Avoid using extra nested eps files or cropped images not used in the document
  • Do not use predefined hairline weights, avoid using hairlines smaller than .25pt
  • All standard envelopes are printed with flaps down
  • Pocket folders are printed flat. You can contact us for a template file for your custom project

Color Settings

  • Define document colors as spot when printing in spot color and process when printing in process
  • Make sure spot colors names are consistent if using more than one application

We can save you money on postage!

Please call us for guidelines or template help before you design your piece 334.832.4975